March updates, volunteer requests

Post date: Mar 27, 2013 3:38:07 PM

Mound families,

One of the ideas we are tossing around is “lifetime” Mound PTO membership dues paid only in the kindergarten year, rather than each family having to pay every year. Or possibly not requiring dues at all. Either would require a vote to change our bylaws, so if you have an opinion one way or another, please let me know your thoughts, so the general feedback can be discussed at the next PTO meeting.

SATURDAY, APRIL 13: A big day at Mound! Outdoor Education’s biggest fundraiser – rummage sale, car wash, and bake sale! Plus, an E-waste collection! If you’re spring cleaning in the next few weeks, please hold onto your items to donate to the rummage sale or bring to the E-waste recycling. It will also be a School Beautification day, for which we’ll need many helpers! Stay tuned for more info. Finish off the day at a swingin’ Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert at Ventura High, benefiting Ventura Education Partnership, which provides grants to VUSD teachers. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Tickets available for purchase at

A key ingredient to Mound’s success is our parent volunteers. If you haven’t yet found your niche, here are a few opportunities to consider:

URGENT NEED: SALAD BAR HELPERS: Shifts available Monday - Thursday 11:15am - 12:15pm. This is a simple but rewarding job of making sure each child that comes through the lunch line takes at least 1/2 cup of fruit or veggies (and that they don't put a gallon of ranch dressing on everything, haha). If we have 4 or more volunteers, shifts can be easily rotated. Please check out the signup at or email/call/text me. A big thank you to Amy Avelar who has been doing this job daily all year, but cannot continue due to a change in her availability. Thank you and great job, Amy!

URGENT NEED: NOMINATING COMMITTEE MEMBERS: This is a super-easy, very low time-commitment position! You may have to meet briefly once or twice. Per our PTO by-laws, the Parliamentarian (Laura Troll) must have 4 other committee members oversee her as she facilitates the nomination and election of next year’s PTO Officers. You are basically just overseeing to make sure there’s no funny business, voter fraud, hanging chads, etc. ;-) We will do online voting again this year, so it doesn’t even involve much in the way of counting votes. Super easy! Please email Laura Troll at if you can help or sign up at:

Traffic Guards still needed! Please consider whether you could commit to 20 minutes once a week, either a morning or afternoon. We have had some close calls recently, with kids darting across the crosswalk and drivers not seeing them – yikes! If parking is what’s preventing you from volunteering, please let me know as we’ve been considering designating a parking space towards the middle of the parking lot for the Traffic Guard on duty. If you’re worried you’ll have to miss a shift here and there, don’t worry! It’s better to have people there *most* of the time, rather than little of the time. Right now, the available shifts are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 7:40-8:00am, Tuesday afternoons 2:30-2:50pm, and Fridays afterschool, 11:40-12:00pm. It gets all the traffic moving out of the parking area quicker AND keeps our students safe – plus you get lots of warm fuzzies! Training and snazzy orange vest provided. J Please email/call/text me if you can help or sign up/see what’s still available at:

We are seeking parents interested in participating in three new committees (you can participate as much or as little as your schedule allows):

  1. Culture & Character Committee: This PTO committee will seek ways to support Mound’s efforts to encourage kindness, respect, and sensitivity between the students, prevent bullying, and celebrate cultural diversity. If you are interested in participating in these efforts, please email me at with your name and contact info, as well as your general meeting time availability (during school hours, after school, evenings, weekends).
  2. Garden Science Committee: This PTO committee will coordinate with staff to support their curriculum enhancements in the area of garden science, such as an outdoor classroom, gardenboxes, native plants, fruit trees, etc. If you’re interested in participating in this committee, please email me at with your name and contact info, as well as your general meeting time availability (during school hours, after school, evenings, weekends). Green thumbs and those with carpentry skills especially encouraged to participate! The first meeting is currently planned for April 16, 3pm, Room 4, with work beginning in May.
  3. Teacher Wish-granting Committee: This PTO committee would review requests from staff for PTO funding for various projects or materials for their classrooms. The Committee would take into consideration how many requests have come from that particular teacher/grade level, how many students would benefit, other funding sources, then present to the PTO as needed. If you’re interested in participating in this committee, please email me at with your name and contact info. Time commitment would be about an hour once or month.

The “Walking School Bus” is coming to Mound, beginning Monday, April 22 for Earth Day and continuing thru the end of the school year. Now accepting applications for adult “drivers” - one morning per week 7:30-7:50 from "the park on the other side of the bridge" (Webster and Hill), across the bridge and into Mound by 7:50am. Contact Mr. Tyner or Monica if interested in helping out. For more info about the program, see:

Karrie Carey

PTO President

(805) 906-1122 call/text