Post date: Oct 3, 2016 10:22:52 PM

Let’s help the environment and help alleviate traffic by having less cars driving to Mound! This month we are encouraging all families to walk, bike or carpool to and from school, or park across the 126 on Webster St and walk across the pedestrian bridge.

We are even having a raffle! Each trip you make to Mound using one of the above alternatives earns you one raffle ticket*. We will draw 5 tickets each Friday and the winner will receive a reusable Mound tote bag filled with lots of goodies. We will also have a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the month.

*tickets and ticket jar can be found in the front office – please write your child’s name and room number on the ticket. ONE ticket per family per trip please (carpools may enter one ticket for each family in the carpool)