Jog-a-thon 2020

Week-long event: Oct. 5 - 9

~ Run on your time: on your own at home, with family, or virtually with friends ~

Any time during Oct 5-Oct 9, run on your time for 20-30 minutes (or what you can do). Warm up first, stretch after, and stay hydrated.

Post a picture or video of you running on our Mound School PTO facebook page. And comment on others'. :)

jogathon 2020 kick off video.mp4

Kick-off video

jogathon 2020 prize drawing video.mp4

Prize drawing video

Fun challenges to unlock

As we continue to raise money, new WACKY challenges

will be unlocked for teachers and Mr. Tyner to complete!

Once we raise a specific amount of money, the challenge attached will be unlocked and the assigned teacher or Mr. Tyner will try to complete the challenge.

We'll post pictures and videos here and on our Mound School PTO facebook page at

Let's unlock those challenges, Raptors!



Blevins sings ABCs backwards

3 marker challenge.webm


Buxton: 3 marker challenge



S. Cook: Chubby Bunny


Nelles: bounce tennis ball on racquet 50 times

Mowad no thumbs.MOV


Mowad: no thumbs challenge

10.9.20 Elliott Jogathon Challenge.MOV


Elliott: sort playing cards in 1 minute


Hoover: new dinner challenge

Mrs Cook's Challenge (compress).mp4


B. Cook: pick up items with feet

Untitled: Oct 19, 2020 2:34 PM.webm


Powers: fork stacking challenge

$17,500: Locked

Hurley: tower of tp or cards

$20,000: Locked

Mr. Tyner: Oreo from forehead to mouth, no hands

$22,500: Locked

Drescher: dressed for the bins

We can do this! Help our kids stay connected and engaged this year as we hold our first-ever virtual jog-a-thon with our online peer-to-peer campaign!

We have so many amazing, enriching programs and traditions here at Mound. We want to continue to offer these great programs and events despite this year’s unique challenges. You can help!


9/23: Virtual Jog-A-Thon kick-off


10/5-9: Jog-a-thon event all week.

Students will choose to run on their own or with their class during a Zoom meeting

10/21: Prize assembly

Our typical PTO budget to support all the wonderful programs here at Mound is $60K. We know this year is different in so many ways. We understand many of our families have had to adjust to new circumstances. In order to continue to offer the programs we have, this year’s goal is to raise $40K. Money raised will be used to fund these extraordinary activities:

- 5th grade promotion celebration

- Art program - Battle of the Books

- Reading/Math Intervention

- Teacher Appreciation

- Science Fair

- Supplemental Enrichment Programs

- Talent show

- & Much More ...

To Show your support

Join us on FundRazr for online fundraising!

If you are interested in offering a company match donation, please contact us at

We would be happy to include your company's logo on our site.


razor scooter

Art kit

STEM kit

Family Membership

All students are eligible for prizes. Bring in $150+ and get extra raffle entries!

Get ready to rise to the challenge and help our school!

Mound School PTO is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

Tax ID Number: 77-0184172