Mound School PTO

Mound Movie Night (Mound Students only)

Mound Mixer Night (grown-ups: Mound grown-ups & beyond, the more, the merrier).

Online Silent Auction opens May 8th at 5PM!

Teacher & Staff appreciation week

May 1 - 5

Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for being so awesome!

Thank you to everyone who showed love and 

appreciation to all of our teachers and staff!

Talent Show: Wed, May 3 @ 6:00PM

Wow! Mound has got some talent! 

Thank you to all the volunteers and families for supporting our super talented students! 

Congrats to all of our participants! 

You worked hard and it paid off!

PTO meetings are scheduled for 7pm on campus.

*Wednesday, May 17*

Please join us. All Mound families and staff are invited. 

All Mound families (students' legal guardians) and staff are considered members and have voting rights. There are no dues.

If you'd like to be even more involved and help out, we'd love to have you, even if it's only certain days or times. It takes a village.

Email for more info!

The Mound Elementary School PTO funds and organizes many of the activities and events that occur throughout the year at Mound Elementary School in Ventura, California. 

These include:

and so much more!

Myths and Facts about Mound PTO

MYTH: Joining PTO means I have to volunteer. I’ll get roped into something if I go to a PTO meeting.

FACT: You do not have to volunteer to be a member of PTO! All Mound families (students' legal guardians) and staff are considered members already. Registering with PTO allows you to be informed and more connected which is important now more than ever. There are always opportunities to get involved as we do need a lot of volunteers. We do ask for help but there is no pressure to sign up if you don’t want to volunteer or are unable to. It is okay to say no. We appreciate everyone’s membership regardless of volunteering. The simple act of joining PTO is valuable to our school. 

MYTH: I have to be a board member to attend PTO meetings.

FACT: Everyone is welcome at PTO monthly meetings! Dates and times will be emailed to all members, as well as posted to the Mound PTO Facebook group page and the Mound PTO website. PTO meetings are a great way to connect with other parents and find out more about what’s happening here at Mound. 

Spirit days at Mound

Fridays are typically "WEAR MOUND BLUE."

Students and staff are welcome to wear blue to show their Mound spirit. Any blue will do. Opportunities to purchase Mound swag, if you'd like, will be available at the beginning of the school year. Additional dates TBD.

Mound family fun nightS