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Spirit Wear Last Chance Sale this Friday

Jan 24th 11:30AM-12:30PM

Hi all Parents!

Thank you to those parents who have already signed up to help out during your classroom's visit to the Music Van next Tuesday, January 28th and Wednesday, January 29th!

We still really need some help on Tuesday, especially at 9:00am until 10:00am, and Wednesday, all time slots, all day. Even if your student isn't in this rotation, their classmates would really benefit from your help!

No musical expertise is needed!! The more people we have, the more instruments kids get to try out. Please help provide an introduction to the instruments of the symphony orchestra, a whole new world for most of the students.

Personally, we feel this extra-curricular activity is one of the things that makes Mound a great place to go to school. It has been a privilege for Cammy and I to witness students through the years make a connection with an instrument and discover a new found love of music. If you have never had a chance to help out with the Music Van before, here is a last chance to really make a difference for the students. If we don't have enough volunteers, we will be forced to shut sections of the orchestra down.

Please come join us! Thank you!!


Andi and Cammy

Music Van needs your help still!

Please help support this!

We still need a crossing guard MONDAY and WEDNESDAY mornings in the back drop-off area behind Mound on Brookshire, 7:40 - 8:00AM.

The neighbors are kind to let us drop off there! This gives us one more location to drop off in the mornings, spreading out the traffic.


and our neighbors happy, thereby keeping the rest of us happy that we don't all have to drop off in front.

Please email

The Mound Elementary School PTO funds and organizes many of the activities and events that occur throughout the year at Mound Elementary School in Ventura, California.

These include:

  • The Annual Jog-a-Thon fundraiser
  • Gold Medal Reading program
  • Reading intervention program
  • Art & Music Enrichment
  • Field Trips
  • Book Fairs
  • Outdoor education class trips
  • Playground equipment
  • Assemblies

and so much more!

Myths and Facts About Mound PTO

MYTH: PTO is just for stay-at-home parents.

FACT: PTO is for everyone! Our volunteers are mothers, fathers and other caregivers. Many members stay-at-home; work part-time to full-time; have little ones, preschoolers, high schoolers and/or college students; are continuing their own education; and more.

MYTH: Joining PTO means I have to volunteer. I’ll get roped into something if I go to a PTO meeting.

FACT: You do not have to volunteer to be a member of PTO! There are always opportunities to get involved as we do need a lot of volunteers. We do ask for help but there is no pressure to sign up if you don’t want to volunteer or are unable to. It is okay to say no. We appreciate everyone’s membership regardless of volunteering. The simple act of joining PTO is valuable to our school.

MYTH: I have to be a board member to attend PTO meetings.

FACT: Everyone is welcome at PTO monthly meetings! Dates and times will be posted to the Mound PTO Facebook group page and the Mound PTO website. PTO meetings are a great place to connect with other parents and find out more about what’s happening here at Mound. PTO meetings alternate between mornings and evenings each month to allow for members to come at times they are more available.

One-Time Events

  • Vision & Hearing Screening escorts (walk kids to and from screening – September 9th)
  • Picture Day volunteer
  • Music Van (music program for 3rd and 5th grades – November)
  • Book Fair (on campus in November; at Barnes & Noble in March)
  • Women in History (presentations to classes on significant US women – March)
  • Talent Show (Spring)
  • Battle of the Books (4th and 5th Grade reading challenge – May)

***Look for the sign-up form sent home first week of school. Complete and return to the PTO box in the front office OR email

Ongoing Events & Committees

  • Jogathon Committee (plan Jogathon events for the next year, meetings start in spring)
  • Hospitality Committee (plan events, like luncheons, for staff)
  • Beautification/Gardens Committee (campus enhancement, ex. gardens, painting)
  • Green Team (implement ways to conserve & recycle on campus)
  • Teacher Grants Committee (review & select teacher requests for grants)
  • Science Lab Committee (organize, inventory and order supplies/equipment for lab)
  • Library Helpers (help with general library needs – shelving books, check-ins, etc.)
  • Workroom Assistance & Photocopying (Copycats)
  • School Safety & Traffic Committee (help keep Mound safe & prepared for emergencies. Volunteer crossing guards are a vital part of this group.
  • Lunchtime Help (Salad Bar, Noon Aide)
  • Selling Spirit Wear (help 1st VP sell items at Back to School night, orientations, etc.)
  • Passive fundraising (help 2nd VP with box tops, Shoparoo, Amazon Smile, etc.)