Julia W., June L., and Elena S.

Quentin Harris Which water do plants grow faster in. Purified water, Smart water, tap water, or coffee water .pdf

Quentin H.

Is Artificial Sweetener Sweeter than Regular Sugar_Jenna Hammoudi .pdf

Jenna H.

sawyer L.

bryce D.

Brooklynn Payne engineering.pdf

Brooklynn P.

CLEAN VENTURA_Allison Cho.pdf

allison C.

Science & Engineering Fair May2001 Ethan Henson.pdf

ethan h.

Rubbing Alcohol Rocket Experiment_Camdon Riege.pdf

camdon r.

Lea - Virtual Science Fair!!

Lea M.

New Connall Science Project 2021

Connall O.

New My Science Project

Jonah P.

New Plants and water

Teska R. 

Vaughn - Fulcrums and a Levers

vaughn t.

New Watershed

sienna w.

New paper airplane science fair

Owen Z.

science fair project vid

kirra a. and abigail b.

New Thieves Essential Oil Blend vs. Bleach and Lysol

Parker I. and Abby P.

Copy of Why Don't the Earth's Oceans Freeze Over? - Angela Hua & Olivia Pamplona

angela h. and olivia p.

Sience project water bottle

alex M.

Science Project

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Austin Payne Science Fair Balloon Car

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Almeda Coates - Virtual Science and Engineering Fair (Optional)

almeda c.

Andrew Hanjoyo - Virtual Science and Engineering Fair Presentation Project

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